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Our Mission, Values, and Beliefs

The North Carolina School of Ministry and Leadership is a Christ-centered academic community developed by men and women who are passionate about training and mobilizing effective leaders to advance the cause of Christ.  We do this by exposing students to a biblically based program of scholarship and service designed to train godly men and women who are grounded in biblical truth and walking in a manner worthy of their calling.  

Our goal is to offer quality educational opportunities for persons to grow spiritually, expand their knowledge of ministry essentials, and to sharpen the necessary skills for more effective and efficient service as leaders within and outside the church. 

We hope to help build strong leaders whose minds are not simply informed but transformed by the Holy Spirit. Our prayer is that their character will reflect the virtues of Christ; that they will be strengthened in faith, commitment and Christian scholarship; and that they will be fully prepared for ministry in their local congregations and in the world. 

We believe in the authority of God’s Word, the worth and dignity of every individual, the priority of servant-hood, the practice of integrity and the responsibility of stewardship.

We look forward to serving all who come to us, treat everyone in a fair and respectful manner, respect the privacy of our students, and are committed to providing a quality, accessible, and versatile environment that is free of discrimination and harassment. As a student, you will be encouraged, supported, and mentored by people who are committed to your success.